Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Unlikely Duo

One of my first acts as "husband" was to free the back porch of the very face of EVIL.  A wasp was building a new home on the side of my home, so I decided how to lay waste to his plans.  Flyswatter?  Nope, he'd be expecting that.  Can of Raid?  Nah... chemical warfare is SOOO 1918.  I had cooler, much more interesting plans than that!

Inspired by Ellen Ripley's cunning use of a Flamethrower attached to an M41A Pulse Rifle in the iconic Sci-Fi film Aliens, I decided to pair a Nerf Titan AS-V1 Rocket Launcher to a Super Soaker Hydro Cannon.  My thought was that the Hydro Cannon would fire first, drenching the wasp so he would be unable to fly at first.  Then the Rocket Launcher would smash him into the wall before he could dry off and make his escape.

So I gave that jerk the old "1-2" and he was down and out for the count.  It was pretty fulfilling using this unlikely duo to defend my home!  Thanks for the tip, Ripley!


  1. A CPS 2000 would destroy the nest and kill that little bastard in one go. XD

  2. Should've drawn a smiley on the head of the missile.

  3. Very jealous of your blue titan, very rare. I own 3 red Longshots and a red recon and have yet to come across a blue titan ever!

    1. You might like this then> http://bazookafied.blogspot.com/2012/02/blue-unity-power-system-pic-spam.html