Friday, May 30, 2014

The Longshot is Back! New Internals??

I really don't think anyone saw this coming... but I awoke this morning double and triple checking my sources.  I've already seen sources all over from SmythsToys to Basic Nerf to Reddit articles.  Apparently, this news has been circling around since last night.  Looks like The Nerf Longshot CS-6 has been rebranded the ZombieStrike Longshot CS-12.  Oddly enough, there's no fold-down bipod... just some holes, actually.  This should make adding a shotgun priming handle, like the Xplorer one, that much easier (no need to remove what isn't there, right?)

There's no "Longshot" logo on that bar near the front barrel either, just a blank panel.  The old original N-Strike logo still dons the adjustable stock as well.  Color wise, it's in that same blue we got the SledgeFire in and it's apparently a Target Exclusive.

I suppose I'm most interested in the internals of this.  There hasn't been a new Longshot in several years since they were discontinued in 2010 in the United States, and those were the days before the Elite blasters were around.  Nowadays, a HammerShot out-of-the-box can outshoot a stock Longshot, so I'm willing to bet there's an internals upgrade in there.  The question is: HOW powerful will this new set be?

Awhile back, I did a test with the Elite Longshot that I built and pitted it up against a stock Elite Retaliator to see if my Elite-ified blaster could hold up to the real thing.  When I did the second Elite Range Battle, with the Retaliator modified, performance was surprisingly similar.  Could these potentially new Internals serve as an even BETTER platform to work from?


  1. Well this came totally out of left field...

    The question is will I buy it considering my ownership of the previous N-Strike releases of the Longshot? N-Strike Elite's ranges sort of made the stock Longshot obsolete, but if this does have Elite-style internals will it be worth looking at?

    I guess I'm sort of flabbergasted at this. Like everyone else, seeing this show up on shelves again is probably the very last thing I would have ever expected.

  2. So happy to see this! This is a dream come true. If they did a version with Elite ranges, holy crap-on-a-stick! That thing should leave a modder salivating. If it's not Elite class, I'm less excited and will wait for them to show up at garage sales & clearances....BUT there would be more available to see what we can do without destroying my originals. Either way a win, but how much of a win will it be? Secondly, when will they finally do an Elite version of the Stampede?!? (Yes, I own both an RS & an original Stampede)

  3. This probably isnt in Sledgefire blue, this is a darker hue

  4. I literally just shat myself seeing this.