Friday, June 21, 2013

LTAR: Accessory Prototype Update

Last night my LTX EF5 was challenged, locked in combat with another player who's blaster rivaled my range and accuracy.  Even just as a lowly prototype unit for building the next generation of custom accessories for the Lazer Tag Augmented Reality (LTAR) lineup, this odd looking fellow was landing hits like a pro.  Installed on the front of this fella is a custom lens arrangement built by LazerBait (same as on my EF5).  On the rear is a prototype weaver rail adapter with a simple NcStar Red Dot sight, properly zeroed, and getting deadly accuracy of this already lethal lens arrangement.

Soon this thing will get another point attached to it: a stock adapter able to use N-Strike, Vortex, and Super Soaker removable stock accessories.  I made a post and video about this in it's earlier stages, but it's getting closer to completion.  This blaster had no problems landing tags across the park, so I can only imagine that adding a shoulder stock will only make it easier to use to help steady shots more.

Once we get a design ironed out, we'll start producing these adapters to make modification and enhancement of the LTAR even easier!  More players are starting to purchase their own LTAR blasters, so hopefully these accessories, when finalized, will help folks easily customize their blaster to suit their specific needs!


  1. What are the awesome gloves you use called?

  2. Are they already on sale? This tagger seriously needs a red dot.

  3. Where can I purchase one of the lens arrangements like what you have attached in these pics? We just purchased 8 LTAR guns to play with all my nieces and nephews this summer.

    1. Our lenses are made by a guy who goes by "LazerBait". I need to find out if there's a public way to contact him for new ones. There used to be an online store on another website where you could purchase them, but that site has closed. LazerBait still makes the lenses, though... so I'll look into that.