Thursday, June 6, 2013

7 Years and 100 Games

Today marks it!  On June 6th of 2006, myself and 6 of my friends started organizing laser tag games under the name of the "Omaha Laser Challenge Association".  It started off as a fun way to get together each week with friends that were back from college or out of high school for the summer at a local park just south of where most of us lived.

That idea that started so simple has grown immensely into what it is today.  The OLCA continued to bring laser tag every summer to that park with friends, friends of friends, and uncles cousins nephews former roomates.  Today, we celebrate with a cookout and a return to our old faithful Laser Challenge gear that has been collecting dust for 2 years since our switch to the Lazer Tag brand (LTTO, LTX, LTAR).  It's gonna be a fun day regardless!!  I could not be more proud to have not only started this group, but to enjoy the support of my lifelong friends who have helped me continue it.

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  1. Congrats folks - and may there be many more to come!