Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloweeneth Approacheth

Last year I covered a bit of the progress I made on my costume for our Halloween Laser Tag game: Captain America.  I still haven't settled on whether I want to reuse this for the game this year or if I should try something else.  Figured it'd run the idea past my favorite people ever: this blog's readers.

I wouldn't be opposed to using the costume again, maybe tweaking a few things that I just didn't have time to really devote attention to last year.  But I've got a few other options I've been considering and wanted to gauge your opinion on them.

  • Use parts of my Cap costume to make the "Avengers" version of Captain America
  • Use items from my tactical gear to recreate a character from GI Joe
  • Finish the Pulse Rifle and go as a Colonial Marine
Any preferences?  I'm open to suggestions too, but I've only got a month and a half to put something together, so I'd rather do one of the options I've listed since it'll be quicker to put together.


  1. Pulse rifle all the way. You have to finish it already so there's no reason not to do it.

  2. Speaking as an Alien/Aliens fan, a Colonial Marine with your Pulse Rifle would be freaking amazing. But I could see the Avengers Captain America being pretty cool too.

  3. I like the avengers cap. Will you be using laser challenge or lazer tag?

  4. I say: make the Avengers Captain America. He looks pretty cool.

  5. I'm feeling that the Colonial Marine outfit would be best.

  6. Crazy idea, make the new captain America, and wire the shield with a switch that turns on the shield of a laser tag gun.

  7. I'm for the Marine as well, for one of the above mentioned reasons. It would be a good reason to finish the pulse rifle, which should be finished anyway. Though the GI Joe idea is nifty too.

  8. Dude, Bazooka joe from GI joe

    Sweet 80s mustache + bazooka = win

    1. Yanno, I thought about that awhile ago except for the fact that Bazooka is the first casualty in GI Joe: Resolute... my favorite incarnation of the franchise EVER.