Wednesday, September 19, 2012

USCM: Colonial Marine Build

Well, thanks to the great responses I've read from the previous post, it seems the overwhelming majority of folks are fans of my favorite Sci-Fi film ever: Aliens (1986).  Honestly, I can't blame them!  The Colonial Marines depicted in this film really paved the way for lots of our "future soldiers" we know and love in more modern science fiction themes both on-screen and in video games.  The Pulse Rifle is also one of the most iconic sci fi blasters of all time and JUST so happens to be the pride of my collection.  Even though it's currently unfinished, it's REALLY CLOSE to being completed.  I think between finishing the Pulse Rifle and getting some armor together for the Marine outfit that I can pull off this costume pretty easily.

I'm thinking about doing a hybrid modernized costume for this. In the original film, the Marines had a very "Vietnam" camo style both painted on their armor and worn on their fatigues.  I have seen more recent versions that utilize modern digital camouflage currently used by our United States Marine Corps, and I have full sets of Desert and Woodland camo for this.  I might try and go this route to help expedite the costume building process.

Either way... this means the Pulse Rifle's development gets put back on my priority list!  It's SO CLOSE to being complete so I'm hoping my Arduino buddy who has this thing all programmed can lend a hand to finish this up.  As I wait to resume work on that, it's now my task to find armor materials.  Should be a fun month!

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  1. Hey, good luck Bazookafied, this is gonna look really awesome! Captain America was pretty sweet too; these are good stuff, so keep 'em coming! I also really like the whole idea of your Pulse Rifle, in respect to the Arduino and etc.