Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun in the Fine Arts Building!

Yesterday I hosted an indoor Lazer Tag game for "FAUST", a university theater club on campus, that engulfed the stairwells and hallways of the Fine Arts building in battle.  I've been running games, when asked by their event coordinators, for about 3 years now and it's always a great time!  We actually had quite the equipment shortage going on thanks to the epic turnout, so we improvised a few fun games to make up for this.

24 in total attendance along with myself and an MLTA veteran who's been helping me run games like this for quite awhile.  We had all of our LTXs out, as well as our two LTARs and 4 backup LTTO Deluxes running for these games.  We had a rolling respawn team game that worked out pretty well, but the best events we had was "Horde Mode".  We Split the group of 24 up into 6 teams of 4.  Each team got a chance to battle the "horde" and see how long they could survive against them.  The Survival Team of 4 was set on 25 hits and were outfitted with Shotblasts on their LTXs.  The Horde Team of the remaining 20 players were set on 10 hits and basic equipment with unlimited respawns.

Things initially started off in favor of the Survival team, as the horde was largely unorganized and were getting picked off pretty quickly.  By the second round, the horde had a plan to take out the survival team by sweeping each of the 4 floors as rapidly as possible and alerting other players when they had found the survival team to hone in on their position.  Thanks to the building layout and it's massive staircases, the horde mode quickly found that speed was starting to work against them, as their players were exhausted from sprinting up and down flights of stairs.  By the 3rd and 4th rounds, the horde had slowed back down and the time was favoring the survival teams.  The best survival team by the end of the night was just under 18 minutes, which was largely due to the last survivor's expert run-and-gun tactics.

Either way, it was a great event for FAUST!  There are also talks of another indoor AND outdoor game with us in the Spring semester, so I'm excited to do that again for the Theater folks.  They were great to work with and played well!

Next up is another outdoor game for the off-season MLTA players!


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