Thursday, August 2, 2012

REMATCH: Battle of the Elites

Recently I pitted my Elite Longshot up against a stock N-Strike Elite Retaliator to see what had the better ranges.  However, now I've lightly modded my Retaliator and it's been surprising me.  I thought it would only be fair for a rematch between the two blasters.

I used the same parameters, even the same range space to test the two from the last time.  6 Elite Darts each, flat ranges.  Hitting that fence is roughly 75 feet, so clearing that fence is even further than that.  The mods in the Retaliator were about as basic as those in my Longshot.  AR is out, better seal, and a stronger spring.

Will my Elite Longshot continue it's reign as champion?  Or will the Retaliator give it a run for it's money?


  1. What spring are you using in the retaliator? I find the buzz bee double shot spring works pretty well in mine.

  2. You kind of need a sealed breech and barrel to get the effect from the larger plunger tube of a longshot.

    Also what kind of springs do you have in the LS?