Thursday, August 2, 2012

LTX EF5: Update 7

So far the LTX EF5 has seen two full games.  One was just after Update #6 while it was still unpainted and another just last night at one of the MLTA's events.  This blaster's range and accuracy are it's strongest points.  Unfortunately, I forget these strong points and try to go in gunslinging as if I were using a Shotblast-equipped LTX and end up getting myself into trouble on the battlefield.  It's a mental state that's hard to break, as I've never really been the true "sniper" type.  This blaster, when completed, will likely go to one of my MLTA veterans who can make better use of it's pinpoint accuracy.

That being said, the paintjob on it is looking great.  Just a few other things to finish up as well as completing the power switch and this project is complete!  Below are a few close-up shots of the paintjob so far as well as a video outlining the progress made.

This blaster's range is devastating.
Easily over the 1000 ft mark
The grip is comfy on this design,
one of the reasons I like the
Tornado Strike in the first place

Buttstock is built from a Raider and Super Soaker stock

Solid battery pack installation.
Haven't had any power glitches with this one!


  1. How do you get such good paint jobs? Do you use spray paint or brush paint-or both? And do you use masking tape to cover the parts you don't want to get sprayed?

    1. Big sections are sprayed. Later on I usually hand paint smaller details that would otherwise be a pain for masking tape. It's just standard painting methods... I've just been doing it for a few years.

      Paint job "coolness" is usually relative to how much time you spent on it. So while using painters tape can get tedious on something like this, the end result is worth it.

  2. Dude, I am VERY impressed with this one. Man if you'd only live closer, I'd be just pouring cash down your way for commissions... :D

  3. An excellent mod and spray build. I love this blaster! Sam