Thursday, August 9, 2012

Elite Dart Testing: Air Tank Blasters

This is my final series on Elite Dart Testing.  I've gone through Plunger blasters, Flywheels, and now I'm finishing strong with one of my favorite blasters at the helm: the Magstrike.  Oddly enough... this is about the ONLY Air Blaster I've really taken a liking to.  It's pretty much the "instant kill" blaster in our games.  Few manage to escape the flurry of 10 darts screaming right at them.

So I've covered the 3 major types of Nerf blaster firing systems and how Elite Darts work with them. The final diagnosis is clear: these Elite darts are the best stock darts you can get for your blaster.
With the completion of this test, I've covered the 3 major blaster types that Nerf uses.


  1. You need to check the code of the streamlines, not just streamlines in general. The same goes for the whistlers you used, what code are they? Even the elite darts have codes where k's are unfavorable and j's are the best.,3646.0.html

    Mabye this will convince you.

  2. Now I'm a bit confused. I thought the magstrike was not considered an actual air blaster because of the plunger system. When i think of an air blaster, i think of a sm 3000 or a big blast. Please correct me if im wrong.

    1. Hmm, while you make a good point, the power behind the Magstrike lies in it's air bladder that is filled by pumping. While it does fire bursts of air, it's still pressurized through the air tank. In my books, it's an air blaster. Gets similar ranges to other air blasters that I've used. Beats the pants off a Hornet any day of the week.

    2. heh I must of got a good hornet :P

    3. You lucky bastard! =P My hornet is a piece of crap!