Monday, August 20, 2012

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Not to bash any of my subscribers, viewers, and commentators on my YouTube channel, but ever since the "Nerf Retaliator vs Elite Longshot" video seemingly went Viral... I've had a flurry of comments asking where I bought the Elite Longshot, condemning me that the Elite Longshot isn't real, and just general abusive comments that I rarely see on this blog.

I suppose I can't completely blame the widespread ignorance about this blaster, since I did toy with Nerf Nation a bit by posting a doctored up picture that WingMaster made of it on the Facebook wall.  That, and I never really made a video explaining how I made the paintjob on it that has so many folks convinced that it's real.  My blog readers got a full post on that, which is another reason I probably haven't seen any outlandish statements about it.

I'd like to thank everyone who's been following the blog, defending the Elite Longshot on YouTube and just for your general support.  I'll keep trying to educate folks on the fact that the Elite Longshot is just a mod I made, nothing real.  On the one hand, I guess it's a compliment that so many folks are fooled by it's appearances.  However, in the fame that this video has picked up, it's been kind of annoying seeing all the hate out there, so I appreciate those who have been trying to save me the trouble of correcting the incorrect assumptions and condemnations that I'm a fraud somehow.

So thank you, Tactical Tag readers, for being smart, supportive, and sane.  It's been refreshing!


  1. Its quite ridiculous just looking at what people said on YouTube. First time I saw the Elite LS, I instantly knew you just mocked it up like that Whiteout Spectre from a while back. The blaster's design is far too outdated to fit the Elite line and sure Hasbro could re-model the shell like they did with the Firestrike, but these things were discontinued for good and we may just wind up with something like a Redshift for the Elite Sniper Rifle.

  2. Haters gonna hate. Seriously though, people need to do some research on things before bashing on others. But, If there was an elite Longshot, I'd buy one.

  3. Excellent work on using a Sharpie for the lettering. I have found that paint is slow drying and imprecise for details.

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