Thursday, August 9, 2012

Raising the Bar

For those who use an iPod Touch, getting 3 bars of Wifi is always good.  For those who use N-Strike blasters that are clip-fed, 3 bars of Elite options is pretty nice!

After about a month or so of fiddling around with the Retaliator, Rampage, and the darts and accessories that go along with them, I'm becoming a bigger fan of the Elite gear by the day.  I especially like the clip size options that we have.  Granted, the only new size pictured is the 12 round clip, but I feel like it really helps round out your options.

Really, other than the new Direct Plunger Systems in the Retaliator and Rampage, there is't a whole lot of "new" concepts in the Elite lineup... so I'm surprised I've taken to them so quickly.  If you haven't caught on by now though, I like blue.  Like... a lot.  And I really think that's been a driving force behind my enthusiasm for the Elite lineup.  Blue darts, blue Bandoleer, Blue blasters... it's just a good time to like Blue and be a Nerf fan.

But while you might think that my crazed hype about the Elite stuff is blown out of proportion, there are a lot of good improvements that the Elite line has taken into account after learning from the N-Strike lineup.  It's these improvements and attention to detail that make it not so painful for me to make a hardware switch from a Recon to a Retaliator.  From my old stretched out Bandoleer to this nice new one.

Remember when the Elite Lineup was the "let down" because the 75 ft range claims were angled shots?  Yeah... I've long since forgotten about that!

But I'd like some perspective from you, my valued readers.  I'm on board with the Elite lineup.  What's your take on it?


  1. I'm still not sold on the hailfire, but the rest of the elite gear is pretty decent. The 12 mags are a nice in between size. I think the blue and white looks really good too. I just can't wait to get out and battle test them haha!

  2. Is the Elite Bandolier smaller than the original one?

    1. Yanno... I didn't even think to check until you mentioned that. And so I decided to have a look myself.

      Under further inspection, the belt is not as wide or as long as the original Bandoleer. Also, there are only 4 spots on the Elite one for clip storage whereas the original one has 6. Jeez! Thanks for asking... I wouldn't have noticed!

  3. Which is better Retaliator, Rampage, or Pyragon?

    1. It's all a matter of preference and play style. If there was a "Best Nerf blaster" out there, nobody would bother getting the other ones.

      I'd say get the Pyragon if you like disks and super high spamming capacity (You can unload that 40 disk drum in under 10 seconds), get the Rampage if you like darts with slamfire and decent range, or the Retaliator if you want a versatile blaster with nifty accessories.

      Right now I'm a BIG fan of the Pyragon, but not everyone likes the Vortex line.