Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sneaky Mods

You wouldn't think that with a wedding coming up this weekend that I'd be in Nerf Mod Mode, but when I'm not rehearsing music for it/figuring out when to pick up the relatives from the airport, I'm preparing my armory for WAR!

After this weekend's wedding festivities, I'll be going indoors with a few friends and relatives to Nerf it up.  I usually bring a sizeable armory to share with players and take pride in the fact that most of my blasters are modified to some extent.  Most of my mods are internal and basic, so you don't see gobs of hot glue and PVC pipe all over them.  From the outside, they look nearly identical to the stock blasters they once were... but on the inside they're a bit different.  I've been asked several times as to why I don't do lots of Nerf repaints and big modifications and my answer is pretty simple:  I like clean-looking blasters.

It also sort of doubles as camouflage for these powered up blasters.  Normally, players can't tell whether their opponent has a blaster of mine until it's fired at them.  It also means that any pictures we manage to take during games can still be submitted on the Nerf Nation Facebook page without too many folks griping.

Take this Spectre for example.  It looks like a normal blaster, but I've unloaded the rotating chamber so you can see the ARs out.  Inside, it's also got a much better O-Ring seal as well as a pretty nice spring upgrade (the Raider stock covers that up quite nicely too).

I'm completely capable of painting Nerf Blasters, as evidenced by my Laser Tag recasings, but I don't repaint my Nerf Blasters mainly because I don't see much of a point to do so.  Since we play indoors, trying to have any sort of camouflage is just a waste of time.  I also hate it when paint jobs rub off from wear and tear as I think they look sloppy over time.  Nerf has alleviated that problem with many of their recolors.  Currently, I've got two Red Strike series blasters (Recon and Longshot) and I'm itching to get my hands on the Whiteout Series.  My Recon achieved "Shot of the Week" status last time we nabbed a picture of it in a rare backyard war.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share of the games we'll play coming up.  Even if we don't manage any pictures, I'm looking forward to some Nerf Wars to wrap up this busy weekend!

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  1. wow, that's a pretty sweet setup with the under barrel strikefire on the recon! ...oh the things i'd do for a red series recon hahaha