Friday, June 10, 2011

Possible Battle Tag Expansions

When Sundawg and I first inspected the Battle Tag sets from Ubisoft, we noticed that there were 2 points on the equipment themselves that suggested expansions. 

The first being the T-Blaster.  The Black shell around the receiver can be removed and it reveals a 6-point contact on the left side of the blaster.  An external upgrade could plug into this and have new abilities for the T-Blaster.

The shroud comes off starting at the back

Shroud removed

6-point connection for possible expansions
Additionally, the Sensor Harness has a plug that features a 6-point contact.  However, the harness itself only has 4 wires running through this, which could suggest a possible sensor harness upgrade later on.

However, the main question in my mind isn't what upgrades might be in store for Battle Tag, but rather... if Ubisoft will ever get this line out of the "Soft Launch" mode so it can actually generate enough sales to warrant these upgrades.  If you didn't know, the Lazer Tag Phoenix (LTX) was slated to have a series of additional accessories for it that were never released.  There were 4 accessories that were supposed to launch with the LTX, one of them being the Shotblast that came with the initial release.  There were 3 others and I have only seen a prototype of one of them that never saw production.  In the same way that Hasbro axed the LTX's future, Ubisoft could end the Battle Tag line before we ever get a chance to see these expansions.


  1. Does anyone know how to fix a T-Blaster after it fails to setup? All it does it making a pinging noise.

    1. Check this page on the wiki:

  2. If you go into the options menu in the program you can go through the association process again. It's kind of buried.

  3. Go here for Mods and FAQs,