Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Infrared shot to the Foot

Well, UbiSoft's new laser tag system "Battle Tag" has been out for awhile now with a long lull in any positive news from this videogame giant.  Questions on the Battle Tag Forum, which is overseen by UbiSoft, have not turned up any answers as of late as this "Soft Release" continues to drag on. 

A Soft Release or Soft Launch is a method used by large companies to test the market for a new product.  UbiSoft has never made a laser tag system before, so it's understandable that they're using this more cautious approach.  However, I am starting to think that this UbiSoft Launch has gone on much too long with little-to-no signs of turning this into a full release.  Since the release of the Battle Tag Expansion Pack in early 2011, we have seen no news for Battle Tag show up.  In the Month that I have owned a Battle Tag Set myself, no online updates to the software have been made. 

The only real signs we've seen of future expansion have been covered in an earlier blog post which centered around design elements of Battle Tag that suggest hardware expansions.  Back in December of 2010, "Andy in Indy" found a picture of what looked like a blaster expansion in the credits of the software.  While it does have the standar pistol grip, I wonder if the points on the T-Blaster could even properly secure this large attachment/if the design is just for looks and not actually a planned upgrade.

Personally, I think Battle Tag has sat around too long to give me any hopes of a full release.  This is merely my opinion based off of the lack of support and activity I've seen from UbiSoft and the long unattended state of this soft launch.  Any fans they've made of the system have not gotten the attention/information to keep them interested/faithful to this new line.  I think they've shot themselves in the foot by ignoring the fans they've managed to attain, most of which that I've seen have nothing but praise for this system.  While I hope things turn around and I think the could get "back in the game" with this, I haven't seen anything from UbiSoft to make me a believer.

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