Monday, June 27, 2011

LTX Folding Stock Mod

I've seen a few others build stocks onto their Phoenix LTX blasters and I've always liked their results.  With my LTX DMR still giving me electrical headaches and not much time to dive into it recently, I decided to make a quick rifle out of a Tiger-brand LTX instead.  I prefer rifles to pistols because of the stability you can gain from a stock, so I built one into an LTX that's already seen it's fair share of modifications.

It uses a Nerf Spectre Folding Stock and it turned out pretty good!  Combat Testing will prove whether it can stand up to the rigors of battle, but either way, it's nice to finally have a stock on one of these blasters.


  1. That's quite nice, I think I may have to give this mod to one of my LTX.

    And why didn't you post it on LTAG forum?!

  2. Well, if I double post my work everywhere else, what's the point of having this blog? ;)