Monday, January 19, 2015

Zany New Blasters!

While I don't think Nerf is ever going back to crazy fun blasters like the PULSATOR PULSATOR PULSATOR PULSATOOOOOR!  ... PULSATOR ...::ahem:: it is interesting to see these newer designs being a little less "make this as Tacticool as possible" to more of a  "well this will be fun to use" mentality.  I already got a sense of that through recent blasters, especially in the ZombieStrike lineup.  Unless you've been living under a Nerf News rock and missed it, there are two new blasters coming out that look like they fall more under the "this will be fun to use" section, and that's good for smiles.

Both of these blasters have the same general concept and layout.  The Mega RotoFury and the ZombieStrike Doominator are roughly the same size and have rotating barrels full of darts.  While the RotoFury has one rotating barrel holding MEGA darts, the Doominator has four that each hold 6 darts for a total capacity of 24.  As such, the Doominator has one extra trigger, a la the FlipFury, to rotate through this massive collection of ammo-spewing barrels.

Aside from the fact that I think the RotoFury sort of looks like the April Fools "RhinoFire" from last year, both of these just look like a lot of fun.  It's something I noticed when I reviewed the SlingFire and the FlipFury, that these blasters are just fun to use, and it's getting echoed through the rest of the line.  Even the N-Strike Elite RhinoFire is quite bonkers.

Getting away from the "make it shoot further, faster, awesome-er tacticoolness" mentality is refreshing.  Modders can improve those things easily.  It's been done so many times by Nerf that having these latest blasters is making it fun again.

Will they perform great?  I dunno.  Will they be the best blasters in the world?  Well, no... I don't think any one blaster can ever claim that title.  But they'll put a smile on your face every time you use 'em!  And that's a trend I'm okay with seeing continue.


  1. Implying the Doominator isn't ridiculous looking enough already, nevermind the vintages. But still, I want one... in fact I want both. Now.

  2. So far, the only blasters I would call of the ZombieStrike line (considered colors, theme, how much it applies into the barrel spewing, most unique design, etc.) would be:

  3. Here's a very zany blaster Hascorp oughta make:
    I have a letter to Hascorp asking them to make that blaster here: