Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Year of the Duals (not Duels)

As I sort out the projects to be had on my workbench, I couldn't help but notice a common theme making it's way through my blasters: Dual-Use!  The idea of making one blaster that is good for more than one kind of game has been great on paper, but has rarely made it's way to the battlefield.  Probably the best example I have of this was built and completed several years ago.  The "Durango", a Red Strike Series Longshot CS-6 with Laser Challenge Internals, was a blaster both for Nerf and for Laser Tag that I used mostly for indoor games hosted with college campus groups.

For 2015, there are several blasters that I'm working on that have the ability to be used for more than one kind of game.  I'm hoping I can get all of them finished, but it will be interesting to have so many of these dual-use blasters running around.  I can only use one blaster at a time, so the others will likely be loaned out during games!  Among these blasters, two are already in-production.  The M41A Pulse Rifle is an Airsoft / Laser Tag rifle while the Demolisher 2-in-1 features Nerf / Laser Tag under one roof.  There's a third project I've been considering that requires me to gut the Cam ECS-12 of it's glorious digital camera components to make it a Nerf / Laser Tag rifle like the Demolisher Project, too... so I seem to have picked up a bit of an obsession for making these kinds of creations.  On the one hand, I enjoy a challenge!  On the other, it's a good way to put both of my hobbies into one blaster.  You could say that these blasters are the embodiment of Tactical Tag: Nerf and Laser Tag modifications under one roof!

Should be a fun year working on these!  Stay tuned for more updates on these unique projects!


  1. "glorious digital camera" Obvious sarcasm is obvious :P

  2. NOOOOO, not the camblaster cam. It's the pinnacle of digital camera technology