Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NERF FlipFury Review

Released in early 2015, the NERF ZombieStrike FlipFury is a fun revolver blaster that... revolves it's revolving barrels.  Yes, lots of spinning!  This concept has been a popular mod for Mavericks, Strongarms, and other revolver-style blasters before.  At the heart of this fury of flipping lies the guts of a NERF N-Strike Elite Strongarm, which is one of my favorite pistols and the "Most for the Least" award winner... so this should be a home run, right?

...Sorta?  It is refreshing that the gimmick of this blaster is actually helpful for reloading the blaster.  However, halfway through the testing, the mechanism that flips these two barrels started to get less reliable and seem like it was worn out.  It also tends to jam a bit with the Slam-Fire feature, which is not a trait seen often in the Strongarm.  I had the initial review footage put together and, after discovering these changes, I ended up re-shooting the video to reflect these issues.  It's certainly an honest review, as both the barrel flipping and the dart jamming occur in the footage.  I'm not furious, I'm not flipping out, but it is unfortunate that such a fun blaster out-of-the-box went downhill so quickly.

Check out the review below!

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