Monday, September 22, 2014


So I just watched a short commercial for the Nerf MEGA Thunderbow.  Just thought some folks might have as much of a laugh with this as I did.  The part near the end where they line up and perform a "Thunderstorm" on the Dude Perfect fellas... the trajectory on some of these darts is quite comical, as evidenced in the screencaps I managed to nab.  I know these blasters are capable of better ranges, so I'm just going to guess that the bow arms weren't getting pulled all the way back on some of those shots.  Still funny to watch.

I've also been noticing more plugs for the "Accept No Substitutes" slogan in recent commercials... but it still doesn't stick like "Nerf or Nothin" in my opinion.  And, for some reason, the Dude Perfect "Nerf Perfect" stuff really hasn't been sticking for me either.  World Record holders or not, a bunch of College Grad atheletes running around at multi-million-dollar locations with over-rehearsed trick-shots doesn't do much for me.  Hadn't heard about them before all these Nerf commercials, so I asked my elementary-school neighbor about "Dude Perfect".  He was as lost as I was.  Anyone care to explain their significance to Nerf's target audience?  I'm clearly missing something here.

In the meantime, I'm gonna rig up some Smokey & The Bandit Gag-Reel music to this commercial and see if it gets any better.


  1. What the fail?.............

  2. There are deffenetly some wiffs in the maijicly worsted from no where mega firing line. I also find it funny how they go from 4 guys it a park to 10 in a fireing line. Sales of the thunder bow must be pretty shity if the can scrounge up 6 of them on the fly to outfit thier busiest like that:)