Monday, September 1, 2014

New MEGA "Big Shock" and more!

From "beyond the grave", we get another goodie from Urban Taggers!  Just like a Bigfoot Sighting, there's grainy photographic evidence of things we didn't think existed before.  It's a peek ath the N-Strike Elite lineup for 2015!  These came from UT's Facebook Page.

Some of these blasters we already know.  The repainted Elite blasters, the "Rhino-Fire", these aren't new contenders.  But look closer at the list, and things start to look a little... new!

Credit: Meimengshu1 

See that little sucker in the lower left?  That's a new MEGA blaster called the "Big Shock".  A Jolt-like single-fire fella that shoots Mega Darts.  Then there's a MEGA revolver called the Cyclone next to him.  On the lower right there's a blaster that sort of resembles that April Fools blaster called "The Defender".  Let's not overlook that gigantic "MODULUS" looking blaster at the bottom.

It's interesting to see the expansion of the MEGA dart lineup.  I wasn't sure if they'd be doing much with it given the Centurion's misfire with fans.  Still, that Magnus is a pretty fun blaster, so perhaps we can credit it with saving this lineup in it's infancy.

Among the non-MEGA blasters, there's a Crossbow, a Dual-canister "Flipfire", and a "Sharpshot".  Oh boy... did this photo smash us with a LOT of info and horrible resolution!  Enough to give diehard fans something to look forward to while still teasing us with a severe lack of details!

I'll be keeping an eye out for more details, as there's BOUND to be more coming from all of this.  Speculation City, here we come!


  1. I can't tell by the photo, but are there two disc blasters in there? Is there a future for the Vortex line?

    1. No, this is the 2015 elite line up, so no zombiestrike or rebelle and vortex as a standalone is dead.

  2. I cleared up most of the names and such in this post I made, check it out.

  3. I wonder if modulus (bottom of first pic) is some sort of modular nerf blaster

  4. it looks like the slingstike (might be an elite version of the diamondista), the sharpfire (looks like an elite remold of the sledgefire but as a single shot blaster because of the name), the flipfury(double barreled strongarm like the mod of the x-shot xcess, name reminds me of the old turreted blaster furyfire), crossbolt (looks like a crossbow verson of the rayven using bullpup flywheel, no room for a plunger), bigshot(a mega jolt), cyclone(mega version of the strongarm), bezerker (a turreted ramapge esk mega blaster), and finally the modulus (which probably has a modular design and may have a removable recon like stock, scope/sight, vertical fordable grip, and maybe a barrel but looks like another styfe flywheel blaster).

  5. Speaking of shock, looks like the hasbro shock troops have already swooped in & told Pocket to take the pic down.