Sunday, August 10, 2014

Guard the Galaxy with Disks?

I was cleaning and organizing my garage this weekend and, upon rediscovering a few forgotten blasters, I realized something.  Star-Lord, the main character in The Guardians of the Galaxy film that has been smashing box offices nation-wide, uses a Vortex Diatron!

Sure, there's already a legit "Nerf" version that's a lookalike of the one used in the movie, but this Diatron sort of has that same over-under double-barrel look that the Quad Blaster has.  Besides, reviews I've seen of the Quad Blaster toy have shown it to have pretty dismal ranges out-of-the-box.  The Star-Lord Battle Gear set with a smaller single-shot version in blue probably performs better... but looks incredibly tiny to wield.

So... yeah.  For all intents and purposes... Star-Lord uses a Diatron.  At least, to me it was fun feeling like Peter Quill in the garage.

EDIT:  In response to the debbie downers and pick-apart-all-the-fun-on-the-internet folks, yeah... I don't actually think the Diatron is an exact copy of the blaster.  Just felt kinda fun shooting around in my garage after I found it.  No need to get worked up a bit.  "Calm down over there" ;)

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