Saturday, August 2, 2014

Friends from the Coast

Last night the Midwest Laser Tag Association had a visit from some friends who normally hail from the Pacific Northwest join us for a few rounds of laser tag.  We knew they were coming a few weeks ago, so instead of having the game at our normal location, we decided to head to a place I had run an event at before that seemed pretty cool.  While I wish we had more time to play more games with 'em (we were off to a bit of a late start), the games we did were a lot of fun and VERY demanding.  Not only was the park beating us up (Steep grade pretty much the whole way through), but the level of experience for most of our players was quite high.

14 of us showed up, most seasoned veterans... but all of us still very new to this park.  Only 3 of us had ever played here, and that was back in May.  Add in some customized equipment, long-range snipers, and sneaky tactics, and games were incredibly intense!

Out guests also managed to bring a GoPro and recorded the first two games of combat.  During the games, I also managed to capture some footage with my iPhone once I had been tagged out, so hopefully he and I can get some video together of this awesome event!

Really glad we were able to tag it up with our Oregon friends and, despite running short on time, we didn't have any less fun!

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