Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roy's Masterkey Retaliator

I think it's safe to say that, for most Nerf Modders who like the N-Strike lineup, that the Masterkey mod is either something they've already done or something that's DEFINITELY on their "To-do" list.  Well, Roy's Masterkey Retaliator just makes me wanna take the plunge and mount a RoughCut to the underside of a Retaliator Barrel and have at it!  Most Masterkey mods I've seen utilize a Stryfe at the core with a Retaliator barrel, mostly due to the way that the RoughCut seems to fit into that space underneath, making use of the Stryfe's overhang ahead of the magazine, but Roy has stuck with a Retaliator for the core and lengthened the front barrel of the Retaliator to even things out.  

Leopard print background aside, there are some unique bits about Roy's Masterkey that make it stand out.  Right off the bat, the Whiteout-esque paintjob reminds me of Andu's Masterkey Longstrike, which I love.  However, Roy's gets a little more tactical with his external hardware.  There's a Red Dot sight fixed to the top, thanks to a side-mounted priming handle (cleverly fashioned from a plunger rod cover) as well as a Laser Pointer and Flashlight mounted just above the RoughCut.  Both of those are wired to run off of 2 AA batteries.  The Laser Pointer can be activated with a pressure switch running to the main trigger grip.  For power and performance, there's an Orange Mod Works Stage 1 & 2 kit for the Retaliator.  He also modified the RoughCut to have interchangeable barrels so he can outfit it to perform as a 2x4, 4x2, or all at once.

Other than that, it's still a pretty standard layout for this popular modification, but it got the gears turning in my head about doing something similar to this again.  Perhaps, as I work on the Elite Longshot Version 2, I should integrate something into that project to modify the Longshot Front Gun to be less like a pea-shooter single shot and more like a proper masterkey!

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