Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Supergame!

Before the 49ers and Ravens experienced a 35 minute power-outage at the Superbowl, I was having a day of Nerf and Laser Tag with a bunch of friends!  In the morning, we went to a friend's home and had an indoor Nerf Game for 3 hours.  That afternoon, we moved outdoors with another 3 hour game of Laser Tag.  Needless to say, it was an active day until the Superbowl started up at 5:30. Here's how it played out!

I got to try out my Elite Longshot Ver 2.0 for the first time in a game and had a great time with it!  There were a LOT of folks with Elite blasters at the game, including 4 Stryfes that I removed safeties in while the first game was being played!  It was kinda fun doing "field modifications" while both teams were in the heat of battle.  I managed to get some grainy iPod photos and some video of gameplay (that I'll post later) but I really just loved the house we had the game in.  Long hallways, plenty of twists and turns, and just enough cover in some larger rooms to hide behind.

Once we were done with the indoor Nerf game, we grabbed some quick lunch and headed over to the park were we held a 3 hour Laser Tag game.  I sat out the first round to take some pictures with my Rebel T1i.  Got some awesome shots that I posted on the Midwest Laser Tag Association's Facebook Page.  It was also an excellent showcase of how effective Desert MARPAT camouflage is in this setting.  In this photo, the player to the right made fantastic use of this pattern and he literally disappeared from sight sometimes during the game.

That's not supposed to happen!
Much to my dismay, when I got to break out my LTX EF5 to determine if I could call it "complete" I had one problem that led to another.  The main problem I'm still facing with this blaster is the reload function.  It was glitchier and faultier than ever in this game.  As a result of all the reloading I attempted, I ended up sending jolts through my blaster a little more than I should've, which wiggled my front lens free.  I didn't notice this problem until the end of the game when I was frustrated that I couldn't really hit anybody.  Well... without that lens, I had an effective range of about 20 feet, in which case someone with a Nerf blaster would've had more range than I!  I'll be doing some major work on the reloading function of this blaster before I seal it up and call it good.


  1. Who were you rooting for? Niners or Ravens?

    1. Neither team. I just like watching good football and usually the Superbowl has some great matchups. I was bored with the first and second quarters. After that blackout, the game got exciting. I just hate it when they end games by running the clock down instead of playing the game.

    2. I agree. I didn't really care who won either, and I hate running the clock down. And that one guy in the camouflage and bandanna looks really cool.

    3. Thanks. Someone on the interwebs actually thought I looked cool!