Saturday, August 20, 2011

Neverending New Nerf

The shelves are stocked with new Nerf Goodies!
3 different color Mavericks don this Wal-Mart shelf.

Alliteration aside, Nerf has been hitting shelves hard with "new" products recently.  I put that in quotes since most of them are recolors (as evidenced by the photo above) but Vortex's release date is now less than a month away.  With shelves flooded with new products, I imagine their sales are making a killing right now.  And rightfully so!  The new color schemes on some of our most beloved blasters are slick!  I'm personally excited to have the new Whiteout Series Longstrike in my hands now.  I've got some plans to make it a killer primary blaster in upcoming Nerf wars that include the Orange Mod Works Stage 1 Kit for the Longstrike.

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