Thursday, August 25, 2011

Longstrike Carbine

This blaster has been in use for over a year now, but it hasn't gotten much publicity.  I built it for a friend who has helped me run the OLCA for years now, so I made sure it was a good one.  Turns out this blaster is STILL one of my best in terms of durability and performance.  Part of the reason why it has a boring black paintjob is because I had originally intended to do a camouflage pattern on it.  However, after seeing how powerful this blaster was in the field, we decided that adding the camo would just make it even MORE deadly... so we decided against it.  While this blaster does away with the barrel extension of the Nerf Longstrike, it is still very much a sniper rifle.  We have been unable to determine a maximum range for this blaster... the longest range we have achieved with it that was within boundaries of the game was ~1100 ft.  To make matters worse, it's fully automatic and can expend it's 25 round clip in just over 4 seconds.

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