Saturday, August 22, 2015

War Prep: Public Armory

We've got a big outdoor Nerf War planned for Labor Day Weekend coming up.  While I expect most people to come out with their own blasters, I still want to share the handful of blasters that I have on-hand that I don't have enough hands to operate at once!  AKA: time to prepare a Public Armory to share with our players!

In case you've missed it, here's the details for the upcoming game!

Of the blasters I have to share, there are several that have been modified and I want to make sure that, if someone is borrowing a blaster, that it's still good for 'em.  Some of my modified blasters have seen some use and need some repairs or adjustments made so they're problem-free for whomever is borrowing them.

So far, I've got pretty much every current blaster available to loan out, but I'm wondering if I should break out my older N-Strike blasters, too.  Many of them were modified to improve the dismal ranges they used to get but, ever since Elite blasters set the bar higher for performance, many of them still have trouble keeping up with newer gear.  I could expand the Public Armory from about 10 blasters to loan out with my current setup, but by expanding it to include older gear, I think I could host a 20-30 player Nerf Game all on my own!

I thought I'd ask what fellow Nerf fans do for large-scale events like this.  I don't want to be stuck providing everything, but I also still want to have a successful event and equip our players with good blasters if they don't have one.  Either way, it's been enjoyable so far spreading the word and gearing up for this big event!

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  1. This might be a little heartless, but that problem doesn't phase us. We organizers do just what you're proposing with the spare equipment, but those blasters are good for the majority who come unarmed. If they get a taste & really like playing, a decent modifiable primary is only $20 away. Add decent mag load outs & molle systems to that cost and there's definitely a cost to dominate, but a little mobility, shrewdness, & a little luck will help offset coming with a light load. Basically, we're unsympathetic. If they try to come prepared, we're glad to help advise & educate. They can always call, text, or FB questions about what to buy, mod, bring. Don't, here's the selection & thanks for being a human shield.