Wednesday, August 12, 2015

NERF Lawbringer Review

To bring law to an apocalyptic wasteland, you need some firepower.  How's 12 darts in rotation hooked up to a hammer-prime rifle with an extra 12 darts stored in the stock?  You can confidently waltz into battle with 24 darts at your disposal... and you'll need 'em!

This is the Nerf Lawbringer from the Doomlands 2169 lineup.  It's a Target Exclusive and, just like it's Vagabond brother, it's got this cool cyber-western design to it.  Tucked away inside and peeking through a clear panel on the side are Nerf Hammershot internals to wind through that 12-round rotating barrel.  The Lawbringer is also equipped with two tactical rails on top with a fixed barrel and stock reeling in the design.

It's a good comfortable blaster that could JUST use a little more power to make it great!  Check out the review below to see all the details!

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