Friday, July 24, 2015

REVIEW: Nerf Rhino Fire

In spring of 2014, the name "Rhino Fire" was spotted as a new Nerf blaster, but no pictures accompanied this information (unless you count my April Fools joke).  Later that summer it was revealed to be a double-barreled drum-fed tripod-mounted behemoth, mimicking the look of an Anti-Aircraft Gun.  When it was released in the fall, it came with a hefty pricetag and not-so-encouraging reviews on the 'net.  Frequent jamming and quality issues plagued this D-Cell Battery powered monster and, as a result of the price and the issues, I easily crossed this one off my list and skipped it.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2015.  A stagnant Nerf enthusiast is waiting impatiently for the new Doomlands blasters to start showing up when, lo and behold, a friend of his finds a Rhino Fire for stupid-cheap and buys it for him.  Great!  The issues from the initial release must have been rectified since last fall, right?  WRONG!

Check out the video review after the jump!

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  1. I paid full price for my first one and it croaked after I opened it up. My second one I paid half and it's still working... and still collecting dust in my closet. It's good fun and fairly powerful but it's so impractical there's just no reason to own one for serious use... in fact there's no real good reason to own any giant machine gun of this sort either. Just intimidation factor.