Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nerf Modulus "Strike and Defend" Kit

This is the Nerf Modulus "Strike and Defend" kit.  It comes with a flip-up shield that can attach to an N-Strike Tactical Rail and a Pistol (includes two darts) that can attach to a N-Strike Stock Adapter and act as a sturdy stock.  It's an interesting accessory in that this is Nerf's first stock that can be used as a blaster.

My initial impressions were quite good to begin with.  As a blaster, this pistol packs more of a punch than I was expecting.  There are a few comfort issues being used solely as a pistol but it is actually a very nice sturdy stock on my blasters.  It can even still shoot a dart while it is attached as a stock (which I wasn't expecting it to do).  The "Defend" side of this kit is rather lame.  The Shield seems more like an afterthought while the clear star of this kit is the "Strike" side of things.

For details on size and features of this kit, go see the photos on Tactical Tag's Facebook Page.  This includes comparisons with other N-Strike stock sizes and pictures with it on other blasters.

Click the link below for the full video review of this kit!


  1. Thinking about getting one of these as it seems to be the only Modulus kit worth something.

  2. Eh, I'd rather get the "Stealth" module. Nothing significant, but it's got a pinpoint sight.

  3. You forgot to mention the dart tag guns (StrikeFire) that attached to the rails! Those were the best. Nerf needs to bring them back.

    1. Oh my gosh! You're completely right! The only thing I had trouble with those was staying ON the blaster. However, Nerf has much TOUGHER Tactical Rail Clips like on the iPod stuff. It could totally be revisited with much success!

    2. This brings back memories of the titan......
      THE UNITY POWER SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      IT NEVER WORKED ANYWAY...........

  4. Someone with insane CAD skills and a 3D printer needs to make a system like the rev trigger for flywheel, except that it releases the stock.