Sunday, November 3, 2013

Magnus for Real

Man, I love the intel we get from our Australian friends!  Saw this link on SBNC that listed a LOT of goodies, but this one stuck out to me.  Psyk's "PWND" series has an unboxing of the new N-Strike Elite MEGA Magnus pistol.  As a hefty pistol-sized, direct plunger, in-built magazine, MEGA dart-slinging blaster... I've personally got high hopes that this will be better than that Centurion I picked up at summer's end.  Sometimes I wonder if we like the Magnus because we need it to be better than an overpriced bi-pod blaster.

HOWEVER... as you watch the review, skip ahead to the actual loading of the in-built magazine on the Magnus.  It's about 9 minutes into the video.  This loading system looks troublesome for the Magnus.  I don't anticipate this being good for the darts.  Now Psyk, in his review, notes that the Mega darts feel a little stiffer and more ridgid than the original ones... so I wonder if they really are going to be improving the Mega darts as the line continues.  You'll remember how Nerf kept tweaking the Streamline Dart when those first made their debut with the Longshot.

Psyk also loaded the Mega darts with Elite Darts, something which didn't work well on the Centurion.  While they work, his testing of this trick didn't look to have good results just yet.  More to come on this blaster later, as I am interested in personally testing this video out.


  1. When I get one, I'm going to be doing a Mega Clip conversion. A clip conversion needs to happen with this blaster

  2. It's MASSIVE! I'd say its about the same length as a Recon without the extra bits.