Friday, November 1, 2013

Triangle Wins!

Well, I gotta say I was surprised that no-one got a perfect score on the scavenger hunt... but not surprised that this guy got it the most amount of "right".  Triangle is the winner for the Scavenger Hunt Prize: a ZombieStrike HammerShot.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

What did you guys think?  Was that a better way to do giveaway stuff, or is there another format I've done before (or that I haven't done) that you'd prefer.  Just curious!


  1. Congrats, Triangle!

    I thought it was a really fun way to do the contest :)

  2. Oh, boy. Which one(s) did I miss?

    It was fun realizing exactly how much you have on your blog. There were a LOT of posts to sift through, all full of quality information, interesting thoughts, and good memories.

    ...It was also frustrating when I knew what I was looking for but couldn't find the specific post. Haha.

    As far as giveaway format, I thought this was a fun way to shake it up, but maybe not the best way to do it consistently. I kinda like the idea of having a mixed bag--some drawings, some quizzes/scavenger hunts, and some contests. I'd like to think that it'd even the playing field when it comes to people winning.

    Also, since I might as well ramble a li'l longer, thanks for being a part of this internet niche. You've really added a lot to the active toy gaming community!