Monday, September 23, 2013

Work Warfare

It's become abundantly clear that I need to start purpose-building a blaster that will best serve me in the battlefield that I frequent every day of the week...  except for Thursday and Sunday, when I'm not scheduled.  Yes, I need to up my game if I am to survive much longer at work.  Now the question is: what blaster is compact enough to be stored in my desk at work, but powerful enough to fend off my attackers/coworkers?

Currently, the Firestrikes have been the top-shot.  Their deadly accuracy, small size, and ability to carry two other darts to quickly reload have made them popular.  My desk is frequently raided to attain my modified Firestrike, as it's able to reach out and peg the sales manager from across the showroom floor.  There are other blasters that have made their way into our fiendish hands, a Jolt, a Triad, even a Rayven, but they don't seem to hold a flame to that Firestrike (pun intended).

My SledgeFire had been a good blaster, except it's a little too large to quickly hide and the need to retrieve 3 darts to reload it has hampered my speed in-between shots.  I had my Elite Spectre stuffed in a drawer, but it is continually outgunned by the Strongarm, so I'm thinking of swapping it out with my Strongarm at home.  Still, it's a rather large blaster and doesn't quite get the range the Firestrike does.

So how can I get back in the running against my coworkers?  The Firestrike, for now, gives me some even footing... but I need a leg up on them without going with too large of a blaster.  In the words of Master Yoda: "Meditate on this, I will".  In the meantime, what's your take?

Oh, and vote on that other post while you're at it!


  1. Andy W

    I would recommend a twin set of DT Snapfire 8s so you can not just tag your coworkers better, but do it with that much more style too! Consider strategically placing a crash mat to allow you to perform safe John Woo style horizontal dives across the showroom as you tag them in speed mode! :)

  2. Well, when I first started working at a company with a Nerf culture, out of necessity, I made a gunslinger-styled holster for my Maverick (it was four years ago,) but since then I have been promoted to a position with an office. Once I moved into my office I prominently placed an Alpha Trooper on my file cabinet as a warning, and I kept a modded Scout within arms reach. That was later upgraded to a modded FireStrike with a BarrelBreak ammo rail. Now I'm using a HammerShot with the ammo rail attached and it's been working just fine for minor skirmishes. Of course it is not uncommon for things to escalate to Alpha Trooper levels from time to time.

    I really can't think of anything better than a FireStrike for comfort or a Triad for rate-of-fire if you need to keep the blasters small. I have a friend working on a Triad/Firestrike mod. He is planning on merging the two to give you the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, it isn't finished, so I can't comment on it's actual effectiveness yet.

  3. I'd say a soda-powered blaster might be nice... thse have some impressive range :)

  4. and also, what is it that makes the Firestrike so accurate? I'm trying to duplicate it, and it"s not yielding much.

  5. The new Zombie Strike Hammershot is a good compromise of size vs performance. So is its non-evil twin, the Rebelle Sweet Revenge, and that comes with a holster. Both can be operated with one hand.

    The Triad is also a great little blaster and can be easily modded for greater range. I got a 6kg Vulcan spring from Orange Mod Works for mine. You only need three minutes and a Phillips screwdriver to do the job.

  6. My vote would be for a Stryfe with 2 Blade 180s dropped in. The Stryfe is nice & compact, able to accommodate several clip sizes & with the blade 180s will have some range & one hell of a roar.

  7. May I suggest a rapidstrike pistol? It may be a little extreme, but it is compact and fast. Something to think about...