Sunday, September 8, 2013

Centurion: the Hits keep on coming!

Nerf Nation doesn't miss a beat.  Gotta love this Facebook post I saw in regards to Nerf's latest photoshopped promo.  At least I'm not the only one calling out Nerf on their overhyped claims for the N-Strike Elite MEGA Centurion.

So what have you guys done in your attempt to improve your Centurions?  I've seen some neat kits/custom work, but just curious to see anything I might have missed.

Been busy this weekend, but we've got a Laser Tag game coming up at my new park on Friday! 


  1. TBH, I really hoped you'd be all like "I have remade the Centurion, and now thou may know it as Mjolnir, yay and forsooth!"

    All I've done since my last trials was modify a dart head without a washer, weighted only with glue... It didn't seem to make a difference versus the ones with washers. Next I'm going to try cutting a mega dart shorter. Why not? Stock mega darts are more than twice as heavy as stock elites.

    The Centurion itself is still almost stock. I've only done exploratory surgery since I removed the one lock. I'm surprised and dismayed that plugging the slits didn't do Anon any good!

  2. Return the Centurion to the store for a refund or exchange it for a Rapidstrike & darts. Either aproach should yield a masive improvement in performance. :)

  3. Asides from the lackluster performance, not one jam to date. I guess I got the "dud".

    Also I made these memes not to long ago, what a coincidence.

  4. Add hot glue to the head of the dart. Make sure the whistle holes are blocked. It isn't about adding weight, it is closing of those holes to increase the aerodynamics of the dart.