Monday, April 22, 2013

RapidStrike CS-18: Weighing In

This is getting pretty routine for me.  A new product pops up, Nerf Nation goes nuts about it as info leaks out, and then after the hype has settled down a bit, I take another look at it.  It helps me keep my head glued on straight amidst all the overreactions and crazed comments.  As usual, Urban Taggers has done an excellent job of keeping tabs on the news for this, so most of the stuff I've seen is a direct result of the great reporting Pocket does.  Here's what I've got...

Yes, it's flywheel driven.  Yes, it's got D-cell batteries driving it (although it's tough to tell whether it's 4 or 6 batteries in that tray).  Yes it looks to be "Full Auto".  But regardless of how it performs, I've decided that I am most in love with this blaster in the looks department.  It's got some notable styling cues from other N-Strike blasters that everyone and their mom have pointed out.  Regardless of what design came from where, I just love how this blaster looks.  To me, it's looking a lot like a GREAT blaster to make a M-41A Pulse Rifle esque rifle with.  Black, OD Green shroud, a shorter 6-round clip, the design just really resonates with my love for the Pulse Rifle.

Speaking of that rifle, my own M-41A Pulse Rifle project for laser tag is on hold until we can get the Arduino-based system running with LTX/LTAR codes for full compatibility with Hasbro's Lazer Tag brand systems designed by Shoot The Moon.  Until we get that ironed out, I'm actually more interested in this blaster as a recasing candidate for laser tag.  Rifles have always been my design-of-choice when it comes to laser tag, which is why so many of my blasters are recasings for rifle designs.  I've used many different types before like the Longshot, Longstrike, and Stampede, so this design seems to fit right in with that.

I also really like how it's design is balanced.  It kinda forces you to have a 2-handed firing stance with the heavy batteries stored up-front.  Whether this ends up as a Nerf or Laser Tag blaster for my devious purposes, it's certainly something on my search list.  Now, if only all these pictures and videos we've seen could get us a release date... THAT would be wonderful!

In the meantime, I think the first one I pick up will get tested, "Amped", beat up, and eventually converted for Laser Tag use.  Then I'll nab a second one and use that one just for Nerf if I liked how it performed enough.


  1. 4x C-cells bro.

    And here's how she stacks up against other rapidfire blasters.

  2. C batteries, not D. And the box art confirms it's 4, not 6.

  3. You got some information wrong, it uses 4 C batteries, look at the pictures and the instruction manual, it clearly states it.
    I was thinking of making a pulse rifle with it as well since I saw the first picture months ago. Using this will work a lot better than a stryfe or retaliator for the main body. The only problem is where to relocate the power source. I also wonder if there is a better alternative for a pulse rifle's underslung grenade launcher than the LSFG?