Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Laser Tag: Season 8 Approaches!

The countdown towards our 8th summer season of Laser Tag begins!  Less than a month out, we're gearing up preparations for our best set of Fight Night games yet!  More games, more players, more gear, more MODS... what's not to like?

For nearly a decade, the Midwest Laser Tag Association (formerly Omaha Laser Challenge Association), we've been running weekly games during the summer known as "Fight Nights".  These games occur at the same time and place each week so that folks can plan ahead and work it into their busy schedules.  We operate in the summertime mainly because the majority of our players attend school and are on summer break.

This year's games are on Thursday Nights at 7pm at Mission Park West.  We start when it's light out so folks can get familiar with the park and play until it's dark (when it gets REALLY interesting).  Last Summer (Season 7) we made a full-time switch to Lazer Tag Brand (LTTO, LTX, LTAR) equipment, but we still break out our old Laser Challenge Gear from time to time.  There's a few reasons we switched over to Lazer Tag, mainly availability.  Players are encouraged to bring their own gear to use, but we still have a public armory that we loan blasters from free of cost.

Every year, we also have a few Fight Nights with a cookout beforehand.  Mission Park West has a gazebo with some grills that we use to grill up some burgers and hot dogs before the games.  The Season Opener, the MLTA's Anniversary, the game just before the 4th of July, and the last game of the season are when we fire up the grills and share some food, laughs, and plot out strategies for the games to come.

Whether you're in the area or looking for a road-trip worthy event to attend this summer, I invite ALL of you to come out and join us if you can!  All of our events are on Facebook (Season Opener event is HERE), as well as our Facebook Group that we plan the events through.  Click the link below to see more of what we're doing!

Midwest Laser Tag Association


  1. Some day, I will make the long trip out from pennsylvania to come to one of these games.

    1. Pssh! Travel? All you really need is an IR beam capable of hitting a couple thousand miles, and a clear shot.

      On topic, I would love to attend, but.. yeah. Lend me a couple (thousand) quarters to get a plane ticket and I'll be there.

  2. You've got an awesome thing going. Keep it up!
    Question: How do you keep track of what gear is yours and what gear players bring? I've put numbered labels on all of my gear (mostly for my sanity), but they could be peeled off pretty easily.

    1. I mark, with a Sharpie, my initials on the clear panel of an ejected "Ammo Core". It's discrete and it's just a cool way to check and see which ones are mine. For the accessories (Shotblasts and Green Dot Sights) I write my initials on the underside. In general, I mark my blasters where they can't be seen when in use.

  3. That's a pretty cool idea for the LTX. Now where would I put a mark on my LTTO Deluxes and LTAR's?
    Although I am not sure how I feel about marking the units "permanently" yet.
    After some thought, I will probably pick a spot and write T1-T16 on each of them. Or D/L/R. I number my units so I can keep track of batteries, condition, etc for maintenance. I'm sure that I and any future owners of my gear will appreciate it.