Saturday, April 13, 2013

Preparing for WAR!

Last night we had another Mod Night to prepare for Season 8.  Sundawg (pictured standing) is working on his Stampede ECS with an integrated laser tag system from the LTAR.  It'll be the first Nerf/Laser Tag blaster utilizing the new LTAR system.  The white tube underneath the main barrel will mount the Lens Arrangement, the electronic safety switches in the Stampede will be used for the LTAR's reload function, and the Sensor Dome is being retro-fitted onto an existing N-Strike Tactical Rail accessory so it can be removed for Nerf games.  I've shown off this blaster with it's modified internals before, but now it's finally getting laser tag internals installed to be a true dual-use rifle.

Eleri (working on the table to the right) is rigging up an Audio Jack so we can see the data that is transmitted from the Lazer Tag App on the iOS devices for the LTAR and learn how to manipulate this to unlock weapon capabilities without having an iOS device actually attached.  It might also help us to display some kind of health gauge if someone else doesn't already beat us to it.

Additionally, I've been doing some heavy repair work on the LTX DMR.  Internally, I think I've finally got stuff working properly again.  I had to relocate the reload switch because it was getting worn out in the one spot to be utilized for laser tag.  Before the regular season starts up again, I'll fix a few broken and worn down bits on the exterior to give it a nice clean finish again.  Of course, it'll probably get beat up during Season 8 again, but at least it will be looking good to start off with!

The LTX EF5 is completed.  All I need to do is get a final video review done on it, and it's been too cold out when I've had time to do it.  With the LTX DMR and LTX EF5 getting finished up, I hope to have some time before May 9th (when the regular season starts again) to get another project rolling and loan these two custom blasters out to other players.

Customized blasters used to be a common sight in the days when we used Laser Challenge systems.  It was just easier to make them due to the simplistic design of the blasters.  With the LTX and LTAR at our core now, folks aren't as ambitious and I'm not able to crank out customized blasters as quickly as I would like.  I'm hopeful for Season 8 to change that look, as there's quite a few customized blasters folks have been working on.

And, on top of those 7 completed blasters, there's a few more in development, too!  Should be a good assortment of blasters out there!


  1. How's the elite longshot? Xplorer leaked that image so I assume it's done!

  2. What Eleri is working on is a super great idea. Hope you guys make some cool discoveries doing that!

  3. Wish I could have been there for Mod night. Lots of clever mods in progress. I will be interested in analysis of the LTAR audio port data link. The Armory is looking good.

  4. Have a circuit. And yes, there's a reason for the LTAR one being more complicated. Blame Apple.

  5. That is very cool. I'd like to make something like zook's LTX DMR; I have a few LC virtual paintball guns + LTX's for parts, and a nerf longstrike would look and play the part of the sniper rifle. /I've been looking around the blog, but it seems like info on the DMR is spread out. Isn't there a post somewhere that goes over everything? I'd like to know how the lens was wired, in particular.

    1. Here's a YouTube playlist of all the updates I made on the LTX DMR project. It's pretty easy to follow.

      Let me know if this helps!

    2. Sweet! Thanks!
      -Just finished watching all of the videos. They cover all of the changes you made to the lens, power, paint, switches, etc. It's a nice overview of the project. But what I am looking for is the technical stuff. A "How-to" guide.
      What I need is a good Lazer Tag forum.

    3. On Facebook, there's a group called "Lazer Tag Modders" (

      I'd join that and pick folks' brains.

  6. I'm sure you've already done this, but here is a video on how to make the LTX have the reload switch be automatic without the magazine dropping down.