Monday, June 22, 2015

Weather Woes hurt Turnout

Since we started hosting outdoor laser tag games every summer, the one thing that is always unpredictable is the weather.  The Midwest is known for having a myriad of mixed conditions throughout each summer from Hot Humid weather to pleasant evenings to strong storms dumping buckets of rain.  While that weather IS unpredictable, the attendance with each game gets very predictable.

This season is no exception, as the weather this summer has either been rainy and wet or unpleasantly humid.  The first game of the season was cancelled due to rain.  The second game was (which became the first) had record-breaking 38 player turnout and wonderful weather with a slight cooling breeze.  The third game was pretty much rained out, but the 6 players who showed up managed to have fun watching movies together.  Both the Fourth and Fifth games this summer were very very humid and we struggled to break 10 players for those.

I'm hoping weather cooperates a little more for the rest of the season, as we're almost at the halfway point.  There's our big Independence Eve BLAST coming up on July 3rd that's a very popular event, but we're still at the mercy of what Mother Nature decides to do!

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