Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NERF Doomlands 2169

It only took a weekend for our answers to surface about the new Vagabond and Lawbringer Nerf Blasters that were leaked.  That logo sitting in the middle of the Vagabond has been confirmed to read "DOOMLANDS - 2169" (bow chicka bow wow).  Ironically, this cyber-western lineup was confirmed while I was out of the Midwest visiting friends and family in New England.  Mr. SBNC and I had been talking about the name and the possibility for future blasters and we share  a lot of the same hopes for this lineup.  Here's his High-Res Photoshopp'd logo!

In true Tactical Tag form, instead of breaking the news to you, here's another angle on things.  We already have the Vagabond confirmed, which is a shotgun-style rotating barrel long pistol thing.  Then there's the Lawbringer, which we still don't have any photos of.  We do know it's going to cost about $35, which puts it in rifle-range money.  I like to think it'd be an automatic, but I'm also hoping that the Rebelle Fearless Fire design would get some DL treatment in the same way that some of the Rebelle blasters are just reshelled N-Strike Elite blasters.  The function of the blaster seems like it could work in the DL lineup, although technically a Tommy Gun would work better for a roaring 20s gangster theme... and I don't see Nerf doing an Al Capone spinoff line anytime soon.

However, like I explained earlier, a Cyber-Western-Themed lineup is sure to get requests from TV Shows and Moves with a similar theme.  While Mr. SBNC is hoping for a Long Colt (which I would totally support), I almost think a Caster Gun from Outlaw Star might be more feasible in size and function.  In a similar fashion to the Proton's rear-loading design, the darts could be inserted via a spring-loaded pop-out sled.  Push the sled back in to prime the blaster and fire!  Instead of using Gene Starwind's Caster Shells, I could easily see a blaster of this size being used as a MEGA dart shooter, too!

There are countless other Sci-Fi and Anime blaster designs that could work well with this, but I don't expect Hasbro to be making a conscious attempt to replicate fan-favorites from these kinds of shows.  I still also feel like we got a lot of Cyber-Western-esque designs from ZombieStrike, too... so while I'm excited to see the new blasters, pinning on a new name is sort of irrelevant to me.  The SledgeFire, HammerShot, FlipFury, and SlingFire could all easily fall into this same kind of theme for blaster design, gimmicks, and function.  Maybe I'm missing something that distinguishes the ZS line from the DL line that will be come more clear later on as the line is developed, but it all seems pretty Space Cowboy Browncoat to me regardless of what logo is on there.  It won't stop me from getting one or two or five, but I'm still struggling to see a big difference between the lines.  I do know that I'm probably not alone in my enthusiasm for seeing more of this kind of stuff from Nerf!  Keep 'em coming!

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