Sunday, May 31, 2015

Season 10 Schedule Tweaks

Three weeks into our group's 10th Season of outdoor laser tag games and there's already been a LOT of changes!  Let me explain what has transpired since the start of the weekly games this year.

So our first game, the big season opener, sort of got rescheduled.  Even if it hadn't been pouring rain all day, we would've cancelled the event as my mother-in-law had just passed away and the wake was scheduled for that Friday.  Many of our veteran players attended the services, so there wasn't an option of having someone else run the event.  We bumped that game up to the next week to try things again.

I use Facebook to plan events and get the word out (because keeping track of over 100 potential players is a pain).  It looked like we were only going to get 15-20 people at the game according to the RSVPs shown.  Much to my surprise (and delight) over 30 people showed up in force for a FANTASTIC Season Opener!  I put together some footage taken from the games, too.

Then, the next week, it decided to pour buckets about 5 minutes before the games were supposed to start.  Omaha is known for having rogue storms pop up out of nowhere and dump rain during the late spring and early summer months, so it really wasn't that surprising.  We managed to still have a few games and have a good time with my birthday buddy.

Now the schedule for Season 10 is a little screwed up, but I've got it mostly sorted out.  There's rain in the forecast again for next week but I actually think a second rained-out game would help since it would put or original schedule back on track!  Odd as that may seem, I am also out-of-town next week and have my veterans running the games.  Not to say that I don't want them to have a game... but I really do hate missing out on a good time!  Haha

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