Saturday, May 16, 2015

SBNC: Nerf Hacks & Pro Tips

The secret is out.  SBNC is pretty awesome.  So when the most Southern of all Brisbaned Nerfer Clubbers asked if I wanted to collaborate on a new project he was putting together alongside other great foam-dart-blasting gurus, who could say no?

Check out these awesome Nerf Hacks & Pro Tips from the likes of Bobololo, Psyk, RandomShadow09, that Bazooka Field guy, and a whole slew of other internet-famous guys.

I have also graciously added a video of the bit that I submitted so that, if you want to skip to the "good stuff".  It's pretty flippin sweet.  Video is after the jump because PAGEVIEWS!

Wanted to thank Rob for getting all these crazy guys together for this fun project.  It's just what the doctor ordered!

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