Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Misleading Modulus

When the word "Mod" or "Modification" is even uttered in the Nerf world, we're expecting a better performing blaster than before.  Additions like a new spring, higher voltage, enhanced internals to bump up power or performance. So, when the Nerf Modulus line was announced, I don't think I'm alone in saying that I was most excited for the possibility of Nerf having a lineup that can be modified with off-the-shelf products.

Since that initial leak, we've come to realize that the Modulus lineup is essentially a return to the N-Strike Tactical Mission Kits with a new name on it.  To a certain extent, it's just a Stryfe: a small flywheel blaster with lots of options to add on external parts to change the shape and style of the blaster.  At the end of the day, there's really nothing innovative or new about the Modulus.

What could been innovative about the Modulus?  Probably the initial impression many fans got that the name suggests: the ability to modify the blaster.  Change out internal components of the blaster to make several different blasters on one platform.  Give it interchangeable core components to swap from a Flywheel blaster to a plunger system.  Change the diameter of the barrels to shoot Elite Darts or MEGA Darts.  Give the option to have it Clip Fed or with a rotating chamber, or even a simple front-loading version.  Have different cores for the Flywheel version or Plunger version that are higher powered or have a higher rate-of-fire or SlamFire.

Fans don't usually consider slapping on barrel extensions or scopes to be a "modification".  Like I mentioned before, the name suggests what we hoped it could be... but the product is just the second coming of the N-Strike Recon CS-6 with some Tactical Mission Kits.  As such, it's hard for me to get excited about the Modulus lineup.  It's been done... for awhile!  At least they've given us wacky blasters like the Doominator to look forward to, right?


  1. I dont know, weapon customization sounds fun.

  2. This must be your.April fools post. I don't think anyone would be foolish enough to think hasbro would put out a plug & play internals blaster let alone for $50. It is cool though that we will finally be getting some accessories on the shelves again since we haven't seen any for ages.

  3. I read the "At least they've given us wacky blasters like the Doominator" and thought you said the demolisher, and I was like someone actually likes the Demolisher?

  4. In my opinion, the name "Modulus" means "modular", which is exactly what this gun (and the upgrade kits) are supposed to be. I don't see "mod" or "modification" anywhere in the name.

    I'm thrilled that I can now get parts to customize my guns without having to buy another blaster just for the parts. And there are parts I certainly have my eye on.
    A detachable stock that holds an extra clip?
    THE famed red dot sight?
    A folding tactical grip?
    Return of the flip clip attachment?


    1. While I think it's nice to have that, I would've favored them just adding these bits to the existing N-Strike Elite lineup instead of making their own spinoff lineup with colors that won't match the Elite stuff.

  5. On the bright side, my friend can get the "Sniper" module to pimp his whiteout Longstrike.