Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MEGA CycloneShock Review

So I made this review last week and really didn't have the time I had hoped for in order to publish it.  Yeah, the CycloneShock has been out for awhile.  Yeah, there's already a bunch of great reviews out there on it.  The fact is: I really enjoy this blaster, I enjoyed making the review, and I thought some folks would like to see it regardless of how far behind I may or may not be.  (and I am far behind!)

This is the N-Strike Elite MEGA CycloneShock.  Think of it as a Strongarm that's been hooked up to a helium tank.  It's bigger.  It's badder.  It's... too much for Mr. Incredible!  This blaster has presence, power, and a punch that'll put you back in your seat.  I had trouble finding it on store shelves for whatever reason in my neck-of-the-woods so if you've been having the same issue, just go to Amazon and order one because it's a lot of fun.  The review does a good job of capturing my enthusiasm for this blaster as the fun factor on the CycloneShock is very real.

Check out the video review after the jump!

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  1. If you feel bad useing a stock cyclone shock on another human then don't add a OMW alpha trooper spring, a better o ring & remove the AR :)