Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back with a Throwback!

Hello everyone!  Even with my break from Nerf and Laser Tag only lasting a few weeks, I kept finding myself eyeing my workbench and wanting to get back into the swing of things.  Once the weekend hits, I'll be back at it with some updates and projects that I've been itching to return to.  In the meantime, I was going through a bunch of my older stuff and found a little project that's been in hiding for 3 years.  With it being Thursday, I figured a little Throwback action was in order before I jump in with the new stuff.

This is my Dart Tag Sharp Shot.  I finished it in January of 2012.  I painted it to resemble the sought-after Whiteout Series colors and utilized the layered shells and engraved logos to full effect to simplify this repaint.  After spray painting the shells white, I hand painted the orange and dark gray colors into the bits of the shell.  To be completely honest, this repaint kind of started my "make it look stock" craze that eventually led me to build things like the Elite Longshot.

Throwback Thursday doesn't end there.  The whole reason I'm sharing this is, as I was going through and cleaning out old unused files, I found a video that I never published on YouTube that goes over the Whiteout Sharp Shot.  It's kinda funny seeing my old video skills (or lack thereof) in full swing with the old outtro music and logos.

Check it out after the jump!

Got any fun throwback stuff you did ages ago?  Or what FEELS like ages ago?  Leave a comment!

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  1. I did my own Sharp shot some time ago. It seemed perfect--extra dart holder seamlessly incorporated into the handle along with some extra weight in the form of ball bearings and hot glue, improved forward dart holders that contain all of the darts (preventing tip damage), 6kg OMW spring, Australian Nerf Nerf plunger padding, and extensive catch retaining-wall reinforcement. Someday soon I'll go in and add a brass barrel.

    Before that was the Zaneshot. It was my first major mod, my first longshot, my first integration and shell work, and my first paintjob of any kind.